Join us!

At Nine Square Feet we believe that we can achieve our mission one plant at a time, one garden at a time, one family at time. Your participation in our events makes that possible.



Bring your plants to swap, and boxes for your new plants!

Our dream of a vibrant, connected community of backyard gardeners and food producers is becoming a reality, and we couldn't be more excited.   Please join us at:

The Foundry DSM (111 S, 11th Street, West Des Moines) May 5th at 10am

for the best plant swap yet!

Things to remember: First 5 plants are FREE, Swap 1:1, and 50 cents per plant while supplies last. 

We expect a huge turnout for Saturday's Plant Swap and it's evidence of our community's desire to share seeds, plants and gardening knowledge.  Your participation is not only appreciated, but it is essential to our mission.   This year as an added bonus - Food Trucks will begin service at 11 am. 

In addition, Nine Square Feet has provided several vouchers for community, church and school gardens to have access to more free plants at the swap, to better serve their constituents.The plants you bring, swap, and purchase will flourish in someone's garden.  Maybe they'll become part of the Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts Giving Gardens.  They might help inspire a young family living on a shoestring budget to grow more of their own food. The food they produce might be eaten by a veteran, a homeless youth or an elderly shut in.  As you're eating that first wonderful cherry tomato right off the vine, one of our neighbors is eating one too, because of you.    
The goal of this, and all our events, is to connect more and more people like me and you.  We can learn to be better gardeners from each other.   And if we continue to invest in the gardening success of our neighbors, our entire community will benefit from it. 



Get your supplies

We invite you to our 3rd annual Seed Swap and Giveaway, to be held at the West Des Moines Public Library on Saturday, Feb 24. 

We'll encourage you to try something new, as you peruse unique heirloom and organic varieties from seed companies like Botanical Interests, Seed Savers Exchange, Baker Creek, Sow True Seed, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and West Coast Seeds. We'll also have saved seed from tried-and-true varieties brought by local gardeners. (Bring your saved seed, if you have extra to share!)

If you are already working on your garden plan, itching to start seeds indoors, and can hardly wait to see those first signs of spring, then this event is for you. If you are a garden "newbie", we're anxious to share our passion with you. If you want to add homegrown food to your dinner table but your budget is tight, you won't want to miss this family-friendly event. 



Let us help you get started

For us, mid-March means it's finally time to start tomatoes and peppers indoors! If you're new to seed starting or just need a little help growing your own transplants, this workshop is for you! You'll learn our favorite methods of seed starting and transplanting, and you'll take home everything you need to successfully nurture hundreds of seedlings into healthy garden transplants. Bring your own seeds or choose from ours.

We'll provide each participant with the essential materials - (110) peat pellets, (4) heavy duty 1020 trays, 8qt bag of Black Gold seedling mix (the good stuff), biodegradable pots, plant markers, and handy tools for seeding and watering - for a $20 materials fee. Class size is limited so reserve your spot now by emailing Connie at Your success is our success!



Growing and sharing

April 28

Location TDB

Choose from more than 35 heirloom varieties of tomatoes and peppers, as well as eggplant, squash, melons, potatoes, herbs and flowers! We expect to have more than 2000 healthy transplants to share with you! Bring your extra seedlings or perennials that you've thinned and "swap" them out for the varieties you want. 

If you have nothing to swap - come anyway! They'll be plenty of plants needing a garden home and lots of advice for success. Spread the word and bring a gardening buddy. We'll see you there!



Expand your comfort zone

If you've ever wanted to grow delicious mushrooms in your own backyard, this event is for you! We'll be inoculating logs with spawn plugs of Lion's Mane, Shiitake and Pearl Oyster. We'll provide the right logs for each mushroom, the plugs, wax and tools for just $4 donation per log to cover our costs. 

These mushroom varieties are easy to grow and require little maintenance. A mushroom log will produce over several years, so it's a great investment too!

Or better yet, if you have one of these varieties of trees - alder, ash, beech, birch, chestnut, elm, hickory, maple, oak, poplar or sweetgum - now is a great time to cut that wayward branch! Bring your own logs from LIVING, UNDISEASED trees. The best size is 4"-8" in diameter and about 30" long, cut within 6 weeks of inoculation. If you provide the log, we'll provide the spawn and materials to inoculate your logs for $1 per log. 

Where else can you find this unique opportunity in the Des Moines area? If interested, please reserve your spot, as this workshop is limited to 25 lucky people.

Fallen Apples


Branch out

Don't miss our tree grafting event!  More information to come.