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Thank you for supporting our mission and we look forward to gardening with you.

We are a registered non profit with the mission to build a dynamic network of home gardeners who share seeds, plants, and food in Des Moines, Central Iowa, and growing, with the goal of ending hunger, providing access to healthy food to our most vulnerable, and to build a more connected community.


One plant at a time, one education event at a time - we are empowering gardeners to share their passion and knowledge to build that stronger, more connected community which directly tackles food insecurity through local food production. 

We strive to assist gardeners in every stage of growing: whether they're beginners, have tons of space and experience, or are hesitant about even starting.  All it takes is a container, soil and some seeds, and you too, can be off and growing. Make sure to attend a workshop or event near you to start your own garden journey.

Our most popular events are our winter seed swap where you can share seeds you've saved from your own gardens, or collect a few seed packets to begin your garden. And the spring plant swap. Don't have time to start your own seeds? Head to the plant swap to pick up a few plants already started by other gardeners in your community.  Contact us to learn how to be a swapper!

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