Our Nine Square Feet Team is Committed to the Cause



Executive Director

Connie has loved plants all her life with a special fondness for tomatoes!  A knowledgeable Master Gardener, her life's purpose is dedicated to this mission and work. She founded the Nine Square Feet nonprofit organization by sharing and pursuing her vision of creating a close knit garden community. Understanding the need to ensure all families have access to fresh produce, Connie dedicates her time to community outreach, education, hosting numerous seed starting workshops, organizing the Nine Square Feet Annual Plant Swap, and ensuring families in need can plant their own garden. Connie's ultimate vision is to grow a Des Moines based food forest for all to enjoy. Helping our community gain access to fresh produce puts a smile on her face every day.



Sara seems to like plants more and more each year.  An advanced container gardener, she has recently been developing her garden beds and can't wait to get planting!

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Board Member

Roxanne has had a large garden for many years but has finally expanded to her dream farm of 40 acres! She retired from medicine as a Family Practice Physician and moved out to the country to "get away from it all." She still practices medicine part-time, but has trouble fitting it in due to chores! Roxanne's plan is to plant anything that can produce food - in addition to the yearly vegetable garden, she has lots of berries, fruit trees, and seedlings of chestnut, paw paws, Asian pear, persimmons... just to mention a few! Then there are the animals - goats, sheep, ducks, chicken, pigs, dogs, and cats.  She says she is truly "livin' the dream"!


Additional Board Members:

Eric Moore

Todd Hibbing

Andrea Clapp

Steven Ruiz

Christine Bari-Bachman